We wanted to create a centre that provided children with an understanding of sustainable principles. The development of our building reflects those ideas and incorporates sustainability in day-to-day life. The use of recycled timber throughout the building not only adds to the warm and nurturing atmosphere, but provides children with an environment that uses sustainable and natural materials.

At Grow Active we value nature and the outdoor environment and believe that children benefit from experiencing the seasonal changes, the opportunity for physical development and the opportunity to play in a garden. We believe in encouraging the children to learn about environmental and conservation issues, emphasis is placed on the use of natural and recycled materials, wise water usage, power saving, recycling, worm farming, vegetable gardening, waste minimisation and positive regards and sense of living for all things, we are consistently trying to find other ways to reduce our impact.

At Grow Active the children learn to recycle, re-use and reduce, and the parents also contribute by supplying the centre with recyclable materials to use in the program.

Our children collect appropriate food scraps for our worm farm and use the worm juice to fertilize our plants, vegetable and herb garden. We take an active role in caring for the environment and contribute to a sustainable future.