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There is growing evidence about the importance of being active and the development of fundamental movement skills in young children. Learning about healthy and active lifestyles and the significance of physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being is integral to developing children’s self-confidence, and therefore an essential part of Our Approach at Grow active. At Grow Active we believe our children will have a strong sense of identity; be connected with and contribute to their world; have a strong sense of well-being; be confident and involved learners and effective communicators through active early learning.

Our Approach starts by creating secure, healthy and welcoming environments, building a sense of belonging for children and their families. We inspire curiosity, foster creativity and support discovery with a variety of sensory rich experience spaces. Children have lots of space to move and explore with extended outdoor play spaces and natural environments to accommodate growing and inquisitive bodies.

Grow Active is custom designed to support your child’s individual emotional, physical and cognitive needs throughout their journey with us. The resources and materials at Grow are natural and open ended. Our teachers are passionate and committed to providing a nurturing and active early learning environment for each child and their families.