Children are natural learners and between birth to 5 years children grow and learn at the fastest rate of their lifetime. There are many ways a child learns – by watching, by listening but mostly by doing.

At Grow Active we support children to develop fundamental movement skills starting from birth, when motor skills like rolling, sitting up alone, pulling to stand, walking, running, throwing, jumping, catching and skipping begin to emerge. These skills are built upon, improved and better controlled throughout early childhood.

Fundamental movement skills are gross movement abilities that allow children to move in different ways, balance and stabilize themselves and use objects in their environment. They are the building blocks of more complex movements used in everyday life. Gross motor development provides the basis of all other forms of development.

It’s important for healthy brain development that children move. Moving and being active are critical to the development of the skills, attitudes and confidence required for children to participate in lifelong learning. Simply put, when a child moves, connections are formed within their brain, movement means experience and experience means learning.

Our child centre approach encourages an environment of creative and imaginative play opportunities so children can find out what their bodies can do. As they continue to gain physical competence children increase their movement vocabulary, extend their movement memory and enrich the quality of their movement.

Active movement helps your child to:

• Build the foundations for learning, moving and communicating.

• Be healthy, happy and confident.