We believe in bringing food back to basics whilst enjoying the nutritional value that we get from every mouthful. We have an interest in food that makes us feel our best. Our meals are based on natural ingredients and are free from refined sugar. We limit processed and refined sugars of any kind and are moderate with the use of natural sugars such as those found in fruit, honey and dates.

Our onsite cook prepares fresh and nutritious meals every day to promote healthy nutrition. We eat colourfully and consume a wide variety of colours from fruits and vegetables. More colours mean more antioxidants and a larger spectrum of nutrients. We focus on balance for each meal with plenty of fibrous vegetables, healthful fats, proteins, and carbohydrates like gluten-free grains, legumes, starchy vegetables, or fruit.

Our premises and procedures comply with all food safety regulations. The menu is rotated regularly to ensure variety and takes into account any children who may have allergies or special dietary requirements.

We also understand that meal times are about more than just food. It is a chance to try new things and experience new tastes and textures. When children, teachers and families gather together to eat and drink, an opportunity for social and language development exists along with self help and hygiene skills.